Friday, May 1, 2009

Talent Show News...

Well, it's official, MacKenzie was one of the 15 kids at her school selected to be in the school's Talent Show!! She tried out last month playing her violin and the results were posted today and her name was on it!! Only 3rd and 4th graders are allowed to try out and out of all those kids, 15 are selected!! I'm so proud of her! She going to wear rocker type clothes and play her classical instrument! LOL I want her to be herself though and that's her! She hoping next year she'll be far enough along to where she can hook her violin up to an amp and play that way! I can't wait til the end of the month for the talent show!! I'm posting a pic below of her practicing her violin...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rain, American Idol and Deadliest Catch

Well, it's been storming here since yesterday... I think I'm the only person NOT complaining! I love the rain and storms, just hate the way people around here drive in it!! Maybe this will help pull us out of the drought a little bit!

I'm very excited, another new episode of Deadliest Catch tonight!! I wish the shows were longer than an hour but I'll take what I can get!! Last week made me get teary so I hope I don't so emotional tonight!!

Also excited that right before DC, is a new American Idol... I don't usually get that into AI but there's a couple I really like this season so I've been watching it... down to the bottom 5!!

That's all I've got for today... been boring!! LOL

Friday, April 24, 2009

Please forgive me!!

Ok, I know it's been a while... slap me on the wrist!! I've just been so busy and tired lately but let me catch you up on life....
MacKenzie had tryouts at our All Star gym and did really good!! She made a Junior Level 3 team! For those that don't know what the levels mean... Level 3 is where they do back tucks, whereas Level 2 can only do backhandsprings. Here's a couple pictures of her in tryouts:
This was her showing her heel stretch, which she does as a flyer:

And this is her doing her back tuck (sorry it's a little blurry):

Mekhi has been doing so awesome in soccer this season, this kid is so fast and so competitive! I don't think he's scored under 7 goals in a game yet!! We just found out last week that he's going to be old enough for football in the fall so he's going to LOVE that!! Here's a few soccer pics for your viewing pleasure:

MacKenzie recently tried out for the talent show at school to play her violin. She's very excited and we should find out next week if she made it! She's gotten really into playing, she watching videos on youtube then composes her own songs and records them on her phone! Her teacher has gone on and on about how naturally gifted she is! Here's a picture I took of her practicing:

On the entertainment front, I'm really excited that Deadliest Catch is back!! There's been two new episodes so far and it seems this may be the most exciting season yet!! My mom and I were involved with a large group on the Northwestern forum in pitching in some money and sending the crew boot warmers, we're really hoping they show they guys opening them during this season!!

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment... I'll write more frequently from now on, I promise!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's been a while.... SORRY!!

Well, it's been a while, sorry about that guys!! MacKenzie's surgery went great the Friday before last... my crazy mom took lots of pictures, I'll have to post some soon. The day after the surgery (Saturday before last), I woke up feeling HORRible! My throat felt like I had strep and my uvula was so swollen that it was touching my tongue and gagging me... gross, I know! So I went to our local hospital, I knew better but was feeling too bad to drive into Austin and since I had already been all up in my mouth with a flashlight and figured anyone could detect the strep I saw, I wouldn't have too much of a problem. WRONG-O!!! The doc at the ER told me all I had was a sore throat (didn't even mention the uvula that was gagging me!) and told me to gargle with saltwater and eat ice cream! I was in tears as I left to go home bc I felt so yucky and knew something was wrong. So I had to wait out the weekend barely able to swallow. Finally, I got an appointment with my doctor Monday morning... went in, had obvious strep throat and a badly infected uvula! He gave me some antibiotics and Vicodin (oh yea!) to get me well. Well, by Wednesday I was still barely able to swallow and my chest was starting to get congested so called the doc again and he called me in some more meds... cough syrup with Codine! By Friday, I was having a hard time taking deep breaths and could barely sleep bc my chest did nothing but wheeze and whistle! My mom took me to an Austin hospital Friday morning and I was SO afraid I had pneumonia and that they were going to admit me but luckily, they gave me pain meds, 2 breathing treatments, an inhaler and steroids and I got to feeling a lot better by the weekend. I've still got the cough and am a little weak but getting much better! I slept so much last week, it should last me for the rest of the year!!!

On to the kiddos... MacKenzie was invited to play her violin in a children's orchestra, which I am so proud of!! She had her first rehearsal with them this past Saturday and it sounded soooo good! I was tickled pink!! Earlier that morning, my son, Mekhi had his first soccer game of the spring season and did oh so well! He scored 6 goals then started getting the ball down the field and handing it off to a teammate so they could get some goals in too! He did such a great job!!!

Yesterday was a real "lovely" day! Got home yesterday evening, not feeling too well after my first day back at work... felt a little weak. My brother immediately asked me for a ride to work (his truck is broken down... AGAIN!) so instead of driving him, I allowed him to take my car with my last words being "Don't wreck my car!". The reason for those words are because last weekend he used my mom's Tahoe and a motorcycle hit him from behind and now she's without a car until her's is fixed. So, about 20 minutes later, my brother calls my mom to let her know he had just rear-ended someone in MY CAR!!!! I was so mad, and still am!!! So, I then had to take Mekhi to soccer practice... so I told Mac she had to stay home because she had homework to finish, this of course pissed her off so she throws a massive fit and I leave her there with my mom. When I get home last night, I realize as I'm covering up with my feather comforter, feathers are flying all over the room like we had just mangled a bird! Come to find out, Mac cut a hole in my comforter while I was gone!! Thank God the doctor gave me those Vicodin!! LOL

So there's another day in my crazy life!!! Til next time........

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So tomorrow is the big day when my baby has her surgery!! She's having a second set of tubes put in her ears and an adnoid removal. She has been pretty much freaking out all week.... giving me attitude at home, behavior issues at school. When she's stressed or upset, this is what happens. I was about ready to kill her earlier in the week but had to take a step back and realize she's upset. I talked to her for a long time last night and she had lots of questions about her surgery and I think I was able to ease her mind a bit. So, we have to be there at 6:30 in the morning and it shouldn't take too long and we'll be able to go home and rest... I'll let her eat lots of ice cream!! Oh, and in just a little bit, I'm going to buy a "scrubs" outfit for her pink poodle build-a-bear, Pixie, to accompany Mac to the operating room (ugh, those two words make me nervous). Anyhoo, please keep Mac in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow!! Will give an update tomorrow afternoon!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The pictures from Cheer America Nationals were finally posted so here are a few of my favorites....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A cheer radio station... REALLY?!?!

Ok, this is FREAKIN' awesome!! There is an actual cheer radio station! I'm listening to it online at: It has nonstop routine music... LOVE IT!!!