Friday, April 24, 2009

Please forgive me!!

Ok, I know it's been a while... slap me on the wrist!! I've just been so busy and tired lately but let me catch you up on life....
MacKenzie had tryouts at our All Star gym and did really good!! She made a Junior Level 3 team! For those that don't know what the levels mean... Level 3 is where they do back tucks, whereas Level 2 can only do backhandsprings. Here's a couple pictures of her in tryouts:
This was her showing her heel stretch, which she does as a flyer:

And this is her doing her back tuck (sorry it's a little blurry):

Mekhi has been doing so awesome in soccer this season, this kid is so fast and so competitive! I don't think he's scored under 7 goals in a game yet!! We just found out last week that he's going to be old enough for football in the fall so he's going to LOVE that!! Here's a few soccer pics for your viewing pleasure:

MacKenzie recently tried out for the talent show at school to play her violin. She's very excited and we should find out next week if she made it! She's gotten really into playing, she watching videos on youtube then composes her own songs and records them on her phone! Her teacher has gone on and on about how naturally gifted she is! Here's a picture I took of her practicing:

On the entertainment front, I'm really excited that Deadliest Catch is back!! There's been two new episodes so far and it seems this may be the most exciting season yet!! My mom and I were involved with a large group on the Northwestern forum in pitching in some money and sending the crew boot warmers, we're really hoping they show they guys opening them during this season!!

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment... I'll write more frequently from now on, I promise!!

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  1. good luck with the talent show!! pretty cool that she's learning to play an instrument and do cheer!

    football will be so much fun! especially at that age!!

    The Northwestern crew is pretty cool! Our families have been pretty close, their dad would always hang out and have coffee with my older relatives (I was too young, but I remember him) here in Akutan, which is about 40 miles (20 mins airplane ride or 4-5 hour boat ride) from Dutch Harbor! My brother Tommy fishes on the F/V Farwest Leader. You can see him helping Chili put food on the boat in one of the episodes, also can see him running when they were doing the "fire drill". Pretty cool to have known those guys before they got "famous", their fame doesn't change the way I still look at them, they are still the same friends I know and watched me grow up! I find it amazing how people act towards them!!

    but ok, hope you don't get sick anymore, I hate going to the Drs. I hope your kids have fun with their activites!!!

    PS. send the warm weather my way ;)

    ~April Dawn~