Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheer Power Nationals 2009

So, we just returned from San Antonio, TX, for Cheer Power Nationals 2009. I was a little nervous because we would be seeing the gym I coached for last year and my daughter's old teammates. But all was well, the kids were happy to see us!! So, I'm not a coach this year but my sister, Courtney, and her best friend (who may as well be my brother and the absolutely gayest man I know and love him even more for it!), Michael, run their own gym this year. I had planned to sit in the stands and be a parent but Courtney and Michael asked me to go backstage as a coach so I could help out so, even though I knew it would make me ten times more nervous, I went ahead and went. Warm-ups went great and MacKenzie's stunt was hitting, thank God!! We got into the "tunnel" to line up for pre-lims and I was doing well until they announced we were on deck and I thought I would vomit right there in the tunnel! The team was, amazlingly, very calm and ready to go! Then they called our name next onto the floor... Courtney, Michael and I proceeded to the coach's box to watch the 13 6-12 year olds do their routine by theirselves after six months of long practices! The routine went by like a flash! All MacKenzie's stunts hit! I was overjoyed!! Michael jumped on Courtney, we were screaming and hollaring (yea, we're a little crazy but that's how cheerleading is in Texas!). And luckily, finals went just as well! The girls placed awesome at the National competition and for a first year gym, that's all we could ask for! That evening (Sunday) on the drive home, MacKenzie wasn't feeling well and I chalked it up to the long weekend but when we got home I took her temperature and it was 103 degrees! I about freaked out! I kept an eye on her all night and took her to the doctor the next day and she has the flu! She's been out of school for 3 days now and had to miss cheer practice Monday night. Normally, missing practice wouldn't be a huge ordeal BUT they have another National competition this weekend in Houston! Because I'm a "psycho cheer mom" I normally would've still made her go to practice and do as much as she could but I didn't want to get the rest of the team sick so we stayed home. Hopefully she'll have shaken this flu by tomorrow because she's got violin at 3:30 and cheer at 6:30. Ok, this was a long blog but had to get you all up to speed, I'll start writing each day, especially practice days!! Done for now... see you tomorrow!

Here's a picture of Mac's basket toss...

And here's a pic of Mac and one of the girls i coached last year, who cheers for another gym, Kelcey...

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