Monday, February 23, 2009

Relaxing weekend, Tumbling Class, Open Gym

Sorry I haven't written in a few days, I was enjoying the weekend of no cheer competitions and taking advantage of doing whatever I wanted!! So Mac decided to take a power tumbling class on top of her already 2 hour, twice a week cheer practices. She decided to take the Wednesday night class since Open Gym (a two hour time where the kids can work on whatever skills they want and the coaches are there to spot) is right afterward. She did very well in class, worked on her roundoff backhandspring tuck and her standing tuck. She's sooo close to having both, just trying to work technique. She acted silly in Open Gym, as I knew she would, because the kid HAS to have structure and Open Gym is not structured. She did work on her standing tuck and I finally got her out of the gym around 8:30 so we could make the 40 minute trek home. I made her stay home from her regular cheer practice time on Thursday because she had so much make-up work from missing school the week before. She spent literally 4 hours straight Thursday night on school work! Oh, and did I mention my mom forgot to take her to her violin lesson that day?? Nani lost track of time and missed the lesson.... oh well! Anyhoo, finally got through the week and I was soooo happy to have the weekend to chill out! I got lucky and Mac spent the night at a friend's house Friday night and my son, Mekhi, was with his daddy so I slept in until 11:15 Saturday and it was fantastic!! I got up, drank some coffee, watched Sixteen Candles for the bizillionth time, at some lunch, then took another nap! LOL There was no one at the house so I took advantage of the quietness!! Yesterday did some cleaning, made a great lunch of meatloaf and mashed potatoes, watched some TV, took a nap then watched the Oscars. Now, back on the grind! Mac's got cheer tonight and Mekhi has soccer... luckily we carpool to cheer and tonight isn't my night to drive!! Mac has surgery on Friday to have tubes put in her ears and adnoids removed so I'm getting a little nervous about that! Til next time.....

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